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@ Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India

Organised By: Department of Hydrology


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Association of Global Groundwater Scientists


International Society for Porous Media (InterPore)


Prof. A. K. Chaturvedi
(Patron), Director, IIT Roorkee
Dr. Manoj Jain
(Chair), Head, Dept. of Hydrology
Dr. D. S. Arya
(Co-Chair), Dept. of Hydrology
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav
Dr. Sumit Sen
Organizing Secretary (IIT Roorkee)
Dr. C. Mayilswami Secretary
Organizing Secretary (AGGS)
Dr. Ravi Sharma
Joint Organizing Secretary (IIT Roorkee)
Dr. Gopal Krishna
Joint Organizing Secretary (NIH Roorkee)
Dr. P. K. Sharma
Joint Organizing Secretary (IIT Roorkee)

Conference Tracks

* Groundwater resource characterization and its quantification, abstraction and monitoring
* Soil-water pollution: sources, vulnerability and environmental impacts, Isotope hydrology
* Soil water flow and solute transport in subsurface, Virus and colloidal transport, inverse modeling
* Remediation of contaminated soil-water with VOC, heavy metals, and emerging pollutants; wetlands, phyto/bio-remediation, PRB etc.
* Heterogeneity in porous media; dual porosity/permeability, mobile-immobile approaches
* Rainwater harvesting, Managed aquifers recharge and river-bank filtration
* Multiphase flow, carbon sequestration assessment, CO2 geo-sequestration, Reservoir simulation, EOR


* Plant-soil-atmospheric continuum, Root water and solute uptake analysis, water use efficiency, water footprint assessment
* Climate Change and (sub)-surface hydrology, soil-atmosphere interactions, hydrological forecasting and trend analysis
* GIS and Remote sensing application in hydrological and hydrogeological studies
* Springs Hydrology: assessment, modeling and management
* Watershed development, Impacts of land use pattern, water logging and drainage network, sustainable water management in smart cities
* Base and Environment flows, Ecosystem services, restoration potential, conjunctive usage
* Soil-water resource governance, regulations and policy frameworks


The peer-reviewed selected papers of the the conference will be published in a special issue of the following two Journals:

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Sustainable Management of Soil-Water Resources (IGWC)

You can download the IGWC-2019 poster here.

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